Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Join us as we Host the Marc by Marc Jacobs Event in Vancouver

We are headed to Vancouver to launch Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2014 Preview Event at the Hudson's Bay this Friday! We will be picking our favourite pieces and styling the collection! Come have fun with us. You can customize your Marc by Marc Jacob's accessories this Friday evening on Sept.19th 5:30-8:00PM. Main Floor of the Hudson's Bay at 674 Granville Street. See the details below and don't forget to RSVP: BAYEVENTSVAN@HBC.COM

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Monday, September 15, 2014

New York Fashion Week- Day 5, 6, 7!

Here is our last three days in NY! Running around and going to our favourite shows...enjoying New York Fashion Week! (All photos of Cailli and Sam are by: Steven Lee)

New York Fashion Week- DAY 5: 
 photo Beckermans-80_zps4ae7754d.jpg  photo Beckermans-86_zpsb1464650.jpg  photo Beckermans-84_zpsef540c25.jpg  photo Beckermans-87_zpsdedd1151.jpg

Cailli is wearing:
Jacket and Skirt- Emma Mulholland
Top- Gat Rimon
Bag, Shoes and Necklace- Chanel
Hat- Ginza Hat by Mademoiselle Yulia
Sunnies- Ray- Ban

Sam is wearing:
Jacket- H&M DIY
Skirt- H&M
Necklace and Shoes- Chanel
Sunnies and Bag- Jeremy Scott
Belt- Vintage
Earrings- Pamela Love
Ring- Throw a Kiss

New York Fashion Week- DAY 6:
 photo Beckermans-106_zps4c50d4d3.jpg  photo Beckermans-113_zps655d8d24.jpg  photo Beckermans-91_zpse32efee8.jpg  photo Beckermans-93_zps75e1bbb3.jpg  photo Beckermans-105_zpsf4da5d2b.jpg  photo Beckermans-110_zpsbd81fad9.jpg  photo Beckermans-100a_zps4dbd0a34.jpg  photo Beckermans-101a_zps472d489d.jpg  photo Beckermans-102_zps715daa93.jpg  photo Beckermans-96_zpscf3fa074.jpg  photo Beckermans-100b_zps7f7355c6.jpg  photo Beckermans-103_zpsdcd80f83.jpg

Cailli is wearing:
Jean Shirt and Knapsack- Custom shirt by Haruno Shibuya
Jersey- Rodarte
Necklace and Sunnies- Chanel
Shoes- Marques Almeida

Sam is wearing:
Poncho- Marques Almeida
Sunnies, Bag and Necklace- Chanel
Fanny Pack- Custom by Haruno Shibuya
Belt- Vintage
Pants- Junya Watanabe
Shoes- Marques Almeida

DIESEL BLACK GOLD- It's all about glitter and stars! A Starry Night!
 photo photo1-26_zps035546e3.jpg  photo photo2-31_zpsb191e3dd.jpg

RODARTE- Mermaid dresses and patch pocket cargo jackets are a must have! One of our fav' shows of the season!
 photo photo1-25_zpsd4372c7e.jpg  photo photo2-30_zps0e49b347.jpg
MM6 BY MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA- MM6 was all about patchwork bandanna prints, oversized coats, fringe and blanket jackets! The denim bandana coat has our name all over it! The collection was unbelievable!
 photo photo1-24_zpsc25b0b8a.jpg  photo photo2-29_zps34e12876.jpg

New York Fashion Week- DAY 7:
 photo Beckermans-120_zpsacfba191.jpg  photo Beckermans-132_zps4dda976a.jpg  photo Beckermans-128_zps0c3c8d82.jpg  photo Beckermans-129a_zpsb1ca31fa.jpg  photo Beckermans-130_zpsf5dd6844.jpg  photo Beckermans-123a_zps7e1fa8a2.jpg  photo Beckermans-122a_zps7c6aa947.jpg  photo Beckermans-121_zps1760ce71.jpg

Cailli is wearing:
Jacket- Comme Des Garcons
Jeans and Hat- Custom DIY jeans (made by Cailli)
Blouse- Club Monaco
Tie- Chanel
Bag- Moschino Moto Jacket bag from Shop Super Street
Shoes- Moschino Fast Food Pump from Shop Super Street
Sunnies- Ray-Ban

Sam is wearing:
Vest- Isabel Marant
Dress- Anthony Vacarello
Visor- Moschino
Shoes- Moschino strappy studded heels from Shop Super Street
Bag- Moschino Spongebob Weekender from Shop Super Street
Sunnies- Ray-Ban

JEREMY SCOTT- Jeremy Scott collaborated with Miley Cyrus and had a Shrek infused collection decked head to toe in Miley's amazing jewelry collection! It was one of the happiest collections filled with hippy and rave looks! We are completely obsessed!
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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Join us as we host The Marc by Marc Jacobs Events at The Hudson Bay!

Marc by Marc Jacobs is coming to The Hudson Bay! We are so excited to be hosting both events in Toronto and Vancouver. We love Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley's newest and hottest collection for Marc by Marc Jacobs. We will be picking our favourite pieces and styling the collection! Come have fun with us and customize your Marc by Marc accessories that evening on this Tuesday September 16th in Toronto 5:30pm-8:00pm, and Friday September 19th in Vancouver 5:30-8:00pm at The Hudson Bay. See details below and don't forget to RSVP :)

 photo photo1_zps546fc41a.jpg

 photo MarcbyMarcJacobs_Toronto_Evite_zps0b021957.png

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New York Fashion Week- Day 3 and 4!

New York Fashion Week- DAY 3:
Today was such a cool experience! We got followed around by the drone and the dadroneboyz! See the video below, it's epic! We also teamed up with Nylon Magazine and we hit up Milk Studios! We loved the collection, Ostwald Helgason at Milk Studios and went backstage to get the scoop on the collection. It was all about Girl guide chic, customized prints and the 70's! All Photos: Are by Steven Lee

 photo Beckermans-46_zps393bd5b9.jpg  photo Beckermans-54_zps12e79dd1.jpg  photo Beckermans-51_zpsb3c5f33f.jpg  photo Beckermans-43_zpsb7ea19ca.jpg  photo Beckermans-61_zps3f54cac2.jpg  photo Beckermans-59_zpsd74a70ef.jpg  photo Beckermans-53_zps572a1160.jpg
 photo photo3-10_zpsf41521b7.jpg  photo photo1-21_zps5724a59b.jpg  photo photo2-26_zps370f27b4.jpg

Cailli is wearing:
Jacket- Rodarte jacket,
Dress- KTZ
Shoes- Chanel Shoes,
Hat- Vintage Wayne's World Hat
Bag- Ines Figaredo
Sunnies- Ray-Ban

Sam is wearing:
Vest, Skirt and Belt- Rodarte
T-shirt- Om Mighty
Bag- Ines Figaredo
Shoes- Junya Watanabe
Sunnies- Ray-Ban
Ring- Throw a Kiss

New York Fashion Week- DAY 4:
We went to Public School at Milk Studios. It was all about suiting in new ways and the boys are known for their prints and construction. They had live music by Twin Shadow who rocked the house and we loved the super chic Army hats. It was such a cool and special show because we got to meet Anna Wintour and we took a selfie together! Next we headed to DKNY!... totally decked head to toe in the Fall Collection! We fell in loooove with all the embellishment, hip hop vibes and platform sneakers!!! OBSESSED to the max is an understatement!

 photo Beckermans-76_zpsa8bd1e36.jpg  photo Beckermans-72_zps9539ed3a.jpg  photo Beckermans-70_zps432ee969.jpg  photo Beckermans-64_zpsb2436038.jpg  photo Beckermans-63_zps20bafc09.jpg  photo Beckermans-75_zps6ada4189.jpg  photo Beckermans-68_zps99118220.jpg

PUBLIC SCHOOL:  photo photo2-25_zpsfdba70f3.jpg  photo photo1-20_zps2dd37289.jpg  photo photo3-9_zpsfcc2b74e.jpg

 photo photo1-22_zpsb8c71d26.jpg  photo photo3-11_zps340aed55.jpg  photo photo5-7_zps2f30ead6.jpg
 photo photo4-7_zpsac1ecc85.jpg

Cailli and Sam are wearing: DKNY Fall 2014 Pin It Now!