Friday, May 22, 2015

Cailli- Mod + Pop

 photo cailli-coach-spring2015-garybaseman-beckermanblog-7_zpsvcjvh5vn.jpg  photo cailli-coach-spring2015-garybaseman-beckermanblog-9_zpsohlgc4j8.jpg  photo cailli-coach-spring2015-garybaseman-beckermanblog-8_zpsqaxen5pw.jpg  photo cailli-coach-spring2015-garybaseman-beckermanblog-3_zpshwrlfd67.jpg  photo cailli-coach-spring2015-garybaseman-beckermanblog-6_zpsdddhfwgq.jpg  photo cailli-coach-spring2015-garybaseman-1_zps6q1knimb.jpg  photo cailli-coach-spring2015-garybaseman-beckermanblog-5_zps2f2pxwuq.jpg  photo cailli-coach-spring2015-garybaseman-beckermanblog-4_zpsluntaxje.jpg  photo cailli-coach-spring2015-garybaseman-beckermanblog-2_zpsx7rmgvmf.jpg
Jacket- Coach Mod Jacket in Slime
Bag- Coach x Gary Baseman Bag with charm

The Look: Mod + Pop

Fun Fact: 'This leather jacket is one of the best leather jackets I have ever owned. The color is called slime! And I Obsessssed the not only the color but the mod pockets. It also comes in an amazing pink that is so fabulous. Also this Gary Baseman bag is soooo amazzzzzing!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

PANDORA- Disney Jewelry Collection

The PANDORA Disney Jewelry Collection has us swooning with Mickey ears dangling off bracelets, cut out Mickey silhouettes and Minnie Mouse charms. The sparkles are endless! The Mickey cut out silhouette charms are seen on necklaces, rings, charms and it's that silhouette that brings the biggest smile to our faces! Minnie Mouse's red puffy bow is sparkling on stackable rings, necklaces and earrings. There's also sterling silver Minnie Mouse face charms on our bracelets. LOVE! We are both wearing the Disney pieces with some PANDORA geometric skinny bangles and rings because it's all about layering for Spring!
 photo PANDORA-Disney-Cailli-May-5_zpspalm6hue.jpg  photo PANDORA-Disney-Cailli-May-6_zpsf1bxqzfq.jpg  photo PANDORA-Disney-Cailli-May-2_zpsyqguwefc.jpg  photo PANDORA-Disney-Cailli-May-4_zpsltx6jbgz.jpg  photo PANDORA-Disney-Sam-May-1_zpshastob0c.jpg  photo PANDORA-Disney-Sam-May-4_zps24awsm6k.jpg  photo PANDORA-Disney-Sam-May-5-2_zpszpl05hmc.jpg  photo PANDORA-Disney-Sam-May-2_zps0bzv6v6x.jpg  photo PANDORA-Disney-Cailli-May-1_zpsftbf9xws.jpg  photo IMG_5521 4_zpsbc7z8ipw.jpg  photo PANDORA-Disney-Cailli-May-7_zpszhs0f6v5.jpg  photo PANDORA-Disney-Sam-May-6_zpsnrlctwxl.jpg  photo PANDORA-Disney-Sam-May-7_zpsmxb7unji.jpg  photo PANDORA-Disney-Sam-May-3-2_zpspq1sxzpk.jpg Pin It Now!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Sam- Spring + H&M Conscious Collection

 photo hmecoconsciouscollection-hmcanada-hampM-beckermanblog-sisters-twins_zpsdlbl5nc8.jpg  photo sam-1hmecocollection-2015-ecofriendlyfashion-canada-blackoutift-pinkflowers_zpsio2kw9ef.jpg  photo pinkflowers-canada-spring-bloggers-hm-hampm-brianatwoodshoes_zpsg4k9rirc.jpg  photo beckermanblog-sambeckerman-hm-ecocollection-2015_zpsvyytkhmu.jpg  photo brianatwoodshoes-shoefie-sexisintheheels-beckermanblog-brianatwood-prconsulting_zps119iwuvj.jpg  photo oliviawildeforhm-ecocollection-hampm-beckerman-sisters_zpskiau05lr.jpg  photo sambeckerman-hm-toronto-hampM_zpsf4tmhxrz.jpg  photo beadeddress-beadgown-brianatwoodshoes-prconsulting_zps8jvjcb2g.jpg  photo moschinocanbag-shopsuperstreet-dandelions-canbag_zpsj5pjqalr.jpg

Dress- H&M Conscious Collection
Blazer- H&M Conscious Collection
Bag- Moschino Soda Can bag from
Shoes- Brian Atwood
Lipstick- Nars Dragon Girl

The Look: Spring + H&M Conscious Collection

Fun Fact: I'm totally obsessed with H&M's Conscious Collection because all the pieces are made out of recycled fabrics, organic cotton, silk and even the sequin beads on this dress are made out of recycled polyester! Cailli and I went to the H&M opening party  in Toronto and we fell in love with these two pieces from the collection. The sleeves on the tuxedo blazer open like wings and the beaded gown had a real 90's vibe to it. I love how H&M is all about sustainability and helping the's everything! These Brian Atwood heels got me swooning, the woven leather booties and buckles are my new favorite heels! Pin It Now!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Yazbukey for shu uemura!

We love our shu shu! This Yazbukey for shu uemura's 2015 Summer Artist Collaboration is just too amazing! We had so much fun playing with all of the colorful eye shadows,  glamorous eyelashes, fun nail polishes and bright lipsticks! shu uemura collaborated with Paris based accessory and jewelry designer Yaz Bukey for a chic and epic 29 piece makeup collection centered around 4 women that have their own personalities and Yaz signature designed Plexiglas lip accessories that go with the makeup. This is a one of a kind collab because its so imaginative, creative and the 'sophisti-pop' inspired packaging is so gorgeous. 
 photo together2_zpsnltzjotv.jpg
 photo daringtina-cailli5_zpsywjoj4hn.jpg  photo romanticbetty-sam5_zpsgy3qs81m.jpg

Each collection is based on a true story, where once upon a time, Yaz Bukey and her friends all fell head over heels for the same man! Each makeup personality is a character as a campaign model. There are 4 different personalities- Sexy Yaz, who is born to the Ottoman Royalty and is a sexy and glamorous Parisian. Smart Lola who is smart and reserved an ivy league school graduate and has an understated style.

Our style for makeup is usually a red lip and a cat eye, but with this collection, we took the challenge to show our #AlterShuGo side. We challenged ourselves to show a different side of our personality experimenting with new looks all together! It was so exciting and different for us.

The two personalities that really spoke to us were Daring Tina and Romantic Betty. Daring Tina, is a creative and daring daughter of a Japanese artist mother and a French singer father. She is a charismatic magazine fashion editor who's creative, daring and looks stunning in avant- garde fashion. This is totally Cailli!- I wore my patchwork jeans and vintage leopard jacket with the blue eye shadow and the amazing falsies.  The liner were my favorite! Not only do the falsies have crystals on them, the liner is smooth and easy to use. The purple lip accessories go perfectly with the pink/purple lipstick.  It's the perfect avant-garde makeup.
 photo daringtina-cailli-1_zpsslcvz5do.jpg
Sam did the Romantic Betty look! Romantic Betty is romantic, positive, popular and charming. She is also from sunny California and loves to dress up Hollywood style. Sam- I wore my palm tree shirt and ode to Betty and used the cleansing oil applying my makeup. The ultime8 sublime beauty cleansing oil was my favorite because it smelled amazing and my gave my face the most amazing glow. I love the consistency of the oil cleanser and how when you add water to it, it foams up and gives your face the best glow. My second favorite thing to use is the orange lipstick. The rouge unlimited supreme matte sunshine orange is the perfect color orange for this summer. I topped it off with Yazbukey's signature Plexiglas lip accessories and my Romantic Betty look was complete!
 photo romanticbetty-sam4_zps11mh1zni.jpg
We are head over heels with this amazing collaboration and wanted to give our readers 15% off and a discount code (free shipping to US and Canada valid until the end of May) You can go check it out and decide which personality suits you the best! Add BECKERMANBLOG promo code to shop the collection here #AlterShuGo
 photo Beforedaringtinaandromanticbetty_zps2f6tntqv.jpg  photo romanticbetty-sam2_zpsui5h3vqq.jpg  photo daringtina-cailli2_zpsyji84idc.jpg  photo together1_zpswz8zysr1.jpg  photo romanticbetty-sam1_zpsteg0vli5.jpg  photo daringtina-cailli4_zpsudtacksi.jpg  photo romanticbetty-sam3_zpsuwcv27jv.jpg  photo daringtina-cailli3_zps5lbf7gwy.jpg  photo together3_zps27bdyddx.jpg Pin It Now!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Spring Time Fun + No Parking

 photo cailli-beckermanblog-moschino-tzar-omighty-om weekend-pumpumsocks-5_zpsf8xbynlk.jpg  photo cailli-beckermanblog-moschino-tzar-omighty-om weekend-pumpumsocks-4_zpshdxrfirs.jpg  photo cailli-beckermanblog-moschino-tzar-omighty-om weekend-pumpumsocks-3_zpssxck1ph5.jpg  photo cailli-beckermanblog-moschino-tzar-omighty-om weekend-pumpumsocks-1_zpsypsltygw.jpg  photo Pandora- North America- Spring Collection- Beckermanblog-_zpsfcdsvxwp.jpg

No Parking top- Tzar Studios
Jeans- H&M (in stores)
Socks- Pum Pum Lioness Socks
Shoes- Om Weekend Oh Mighty denim slip ons
Jewelry- PANDORA Spring Collection rings
Bag- Moschino- This is not a Moschino T-shirt bag from FarFetch

The Look: Spring Time Fun + No Parking

Fun Fact: We are so obsessed with Tzar Studios! Ian Audifferen is the creative director and he made this No Parking brilliant right?! He is an amazing new designer from Africa and this is top from his Resort 2015 collection. We always love finding out about new up and coming designers especially this one. To see more of his Tzar collection check out his instagram @tzarstudios .These Pum Pum sock and Om Weekend shoe combo pretty much sums up what my summer is going to look like! Turn on the Bob Marley! Pin It Now!